Beadcrete™ Simply Stunning
What is "Beadcrete"?

In layman's terms it is a highly specialised plaster for use as the final finish to swimming pools, ornamental walls, patios, water features, safety marking etc.

Beadcrete is a patented cementitous pre-mixed, bagged render.  It contains solid, inert, recycled glass spheres that are locked into the carefully graded aggregate matrix by polymer modified cements.  This stunning concrete finish is applied and finished in a similar way to exposed aggregate, yet it is much finer, and hence, much smoother.
3m ceramically coloured quartz is guaranteed colourfast for 10 years.  Beadcrete is available in a range of standard attractive colours and it "glows" under lights.

  Beadcrete pool in the USA
Beadcrete 'Turquoise',  USA

Where is it made?
Beadcrete is Australian invented/owned and manufactured and is used in the USA, Middle East, Pacific Islands, Australia and now New Zealand.  Beadcrete is made from local and imported ingredients mixed and bagged to a quality assured manufacturing process.

What are its uses?
Beadcrete can be applied to both new and prepared reinforced masonry surfaces such as concrete swimming pools, spas, water features, fountains, feature walls, etc.  Beadcrete is particularly useful in safety applications such as highlights for paths, steps, traffic markings, etc as it reflects light and 'glows'.

What makes it so good?

Download the Beadcrete Performance Warranty here.

Pools owners will be ecstatic!
Those who have it now can't talk highly enough about it.  At last here is a product that is uniquely stunning, extremely low maintenance and durable.
Beadcrete "glows" under both natural and artificial lights.  The results are stunning.  The surface has a 3-Dimensional effect.  Available in a range of designer colours, this remarkable finish enhances the visual effect contemporary architecture demands.

Beadcrete scoops award for
"Best pool technology"

Award winning pool
Beadcrete 'Azure',  Brisbane

Beadcrete has been awarded this much sought after prize ahead of a host of competitors.

Lifestyle Pools magazine editor Jane Cotes describes the 2002 Lifestyle Pool of the Year awards, which are now in their 14th year as the "best of the pools, to dazzle and inspire you with the high standards in quality, craftsmanship and materials".

Beadcrete was given the gong in recognition of Beadcrete's superior properties - "with it's innovative polymer modified render finish and wide range of colours, Beadcrete captured our attention for best pool technology. Congratulations to the brilliance of Beadcrete".

Move onto Beadcrete Uses

Interscape - surfaces for patio and pool, creative poolside design

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