Beadcrete™ Simply Stunning


Beadcrete "Blue Flash" finish is the most popular colour choice being a brilliant mid-blue.  It provides an excellent visual effect contrasting well with yellow and terracotta colours as surrounding tiles or features.

Water features promote the retro-reflective effect provided by Beadcrete, and can be witnessed by the spectacular light refraction in the water.
Sensational at night with the pool light on!

New Beadcrete Pool
Breadcrete 'Blue Flash', Auckland

This product is not for the "average" backyard pool, it has been exclusively designed for the luxury lifestyle pool project.

Beadcrete is the ultimate pool surface!  Why?

  • It does justice to your designs - a quality, classic finish that compliments today's outstanding pool designs and designer landscape architecture
  • It flows with the shape of your pool - finished smooth and flat by trowelling.  Beadcrete can be applied to the tightest of curves.
  • It's your choice - there is a comprehensive range of vibrant colours to choose from and custom colour matching is available
  • Experience the added dimension - refracting light dancing beneath the water's shimmering surface brings the pool "to life"
  • Easy on the skin - smooth, non-slip, luxurious texture and "feel"�..No bandaids or socks required!
  • No on-site mixing errors - Beadcrete is manufactured, tested and bagged to provide uniform colouration and quality consistency.
  • Accredited applicators - only qualified, accredited tradesmen are allowed to apply Beadcrete to your pool.
  • Above all, Relax & Enjoy - polymeric cement modification means very low maintenance, highly stain resistant, lower chemical costs, increased durability and.....more time having fun!

Discover the difference yourself!

Beadcrete for Pool Upgrades

Most older plastered pools become rough and very difficult to look after. Algae takes hold in the porous surface and in spite of frequent 'shock-dosing' it returns very readily to haunt the pool owner. Frequent users of the pool, particularly when it is heated, wear their skin out with the rough surface. Once things get to this stage it's definitely time to use Beadcrete to resurface the pool, and maybe the tiles might need to be updated also.
Talk to us at Interscape about upgrading your pool and turn it back from a liability to an asset.
  New Beadcrete Pool
Breadcrete 'Blue Flash', Auckland


Beadcrete for Spa Pools

This custom built entertainment sized spa has a tiled wave band with the Beadcrete following the curved contours of the interior providing a smooth comfortable finish. Beadcrete withstands the heat, and sparkles with the light on or in the sunlight.

Breadcrete Turquoise
Photo by Alfresco, Courtesy of Classic Pools and Landscapes B.O.P.

Beadcrete for Water Features

Beadcrete can be poured into a mould, set, removed and exposed to make statues, bird baths, tiles, blocks, pavers etc.

Beadcrete for Walls & Paths

Ideal for pathways, walkways, feature walls, etc.
Beadcrete "glows" under both natural and artificial lights.  The results are stunning and great for guiding people in any light making it particularly useful in safety applications such as highlights for paths and steps as it reflects light and 'glows'.
Beadcrete will bond to any prepared, solid, masonry finish eg: render, pebblecrete, concrete, fibro, a/c sheet.
Beadcrete Water Feature
Photo Courtesy of Murray Lye Landscapes Design.

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