Beadcrete™ Simply Stunning

BeadcreteTM Performance Warranty

Acrylic, Polymerisation of the cement

Reduces porosity and permeability � proving durable stain resistance
Increases adhesive, Cohesive, Shear and flexural strengths
Lowers water content required, When mixing, providing a stronger concrete finish
Lowers the transmission of alkaline salts to the surface (efflorescence)

Recycled retro � reflective glass spheres

Manufactured out of glass. Solid inert clear glass spheres graded 1mm � 3mm. Unlimited life span.

Colourquartz™ Aggregate Limited warranty

3M does not perform any swimming pool finish installation services, and this limited 3M warranty does not cover the workmanship of the installer reinstallation, other manufacturer�s materials of plaster surface defects. 3M manufactures high quality colour quartz aggregate, which will not chip, crack or chemically react with pool installation materials. Colour quartz aggregate is manufactures to conform to industry accepted standards of colour standards, uniformity, and retention of brilliancy for the aggregate partials. If within a period of 10 years following installation of the colour quartz aggregate product used in your pool proves defective in aggregate quality or colour characteristics as described above, 3M will at is own option repair or replace the defective aggregate material.

Passes AS/NZS 3661.1:1993 (slip resistance)
Passes AS 4049.2:1994 (skid resistance)

NB: The maintenance of safe water chemistry is a key aspect to the longevity of Beadcrete� used as a pool interior finish. Confirm with your builder/applicator regarding the best sanitizing options

Applicators Manual

A full technical specification is provided to every applicator, it is their responsibility to complete the project in accordance with these.

Owners Manual

A fully detailed Owners Manual is provided for water care which is critical to the longevity of the Beadcrete finish. Interscape can not be held responsible for the application of, or the care of this product.


Consistency � premixed in quality assured facility. No colour variations.
Workability � easily applied by Beadcrete™ installers, manually or by concrete pump, just add water and steel trowel to a smooth finish, water spray exposure at right level of set, light acid wash to clean.
Durability � high compressive strength means impact and abrasion resistance. Glass beads are non porous. Additives reduce Permeability / porosity. Very low maintenance.
Aesthetics - stunning, unique retro-reflective brilliance.

NZ Distribution: NZ Licence holder:
Interscape Ltd Interscape International
P O Box 734, Tauranga P O Box 1004, Tauranga
0800 438 834  
  NZ Patent # 281144
  International Patent app # PCT/AU95/00075
Under Licence by: Victorian Pool Supplies Ltd Australian Patent # 41086/99

Download the Beadcrete Performance Warranty here.

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