Pebble Tiles & Borders

A unique inter-locking system, developed and patented by Island Stone, means you can be confident of archieving a near-seamless finish everytime you lay tiles and borders
In both cases they simply lock together like a jigsaw.

From experience, Island Stone recommends that in general the small/title format (code 13, grade 2/3) is better suited to smaller areas - interiors, in particular - while the larger stone.tile format (code 14, grade 4) is more appropriate for exterior situations.

Insland Stone borders are an incredibly versatile decor item. While they are primarily designed for use with Island Sone tiles, they can make an attractive feature when used with contrasting colours and many other ,materials such as concrete, sandstone and timber. Indoors or outdoors, on floors or walls... the borders can work wonderfully well.

Inter-locking tiles and borders can also be custom-made to your specifications.

White Pebble PW
White Pebble
Marble Pebble MP
Marble Pebble
Tan Pebble PT
Tan Pebble
Ratu Pebble PR
Ratu Pebble
Green Pebble PG
Green Pebble
Blue Steel (Black) PC
Blue Steel (Black)
Speckled Pebble SP
Speckled Pebble
Pink Pebble PP
Pink Pebble
Mixed Pebble PX
Mixed Pebble

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