Emaux de Briare For more than 150 years, the french tile makers,
Emaux de Briare has been synonymous of sparkling colours
and with top of the range decor.

Harmonies Range

Harmonies have an orange peel surface which reflects light with a shimmering effect from its secret composition of porcelain and crystal. All the tiles are uniquely different with colour drifts. Harmonies speaks in all tones and easily adapts to all decorative compositions. These tiles look particularly stunning around water. These tiles also come in non slip if you are wanting them for swimming pool steps, showers, water features.

Available at 25mm x 25mm. Matt size 345mm square back mounted on fibreglass matt. Carton = 9 matts 1.08sm.

Cristaux (ii) AL 61
Cristaux (ii)
AL 61
Muguet (i) AL 01
Muguet (i)
AL 01
  Pierre (i) AL 02
Pierre (i)
AL 02
Petale (ii) AL 19
Petale (ii)
AL 19
Mouette (i) AL 04
Mouette (i)
AL 04
Lavande (ii) AL 18
Lavande (ii)
AL 18
Lotus (i) AL 03
Lotus (i)
AL 03
Gravier (i) AL 20
Gravier (i)
AL 20
Camel (ii) AL 13
Camel (ii)
AL 13
Camelia (ii) AL 71
Camelia (ii)
AL 71
Noisetier (iii) AL 72
Noisetier (iii)
AL 72
Egee (i) AL 05
Egee (i)
AL 05
Californie (ii) AL 17
Californie (ii)
AL 17
Bahia (iii) AL 73
Bahia (iii)
AL 73
Genet (iii) AL 10
Genet (iii)
AL 10
Zinnia (iii) AL 70
Zinnia (iii)
AL 70
Schiste (i) AL 36
Schiste (i)
AL 36
Aster (ii) AL 34
Aster (ii)
AL 34
Bahamas (ii) AL 75
Bahamas (ii)
AL 75
Clairiere (ii) AL 21
Clairiere (ii)
AL 21
Pollen (iii) AL 22
Pollen (iii)
AL 22
Pivoine (iv) AL 23
Pivoine (iv)
AL 23
Prunelle (iv) AL 11
Prunelle (iv)
AL 11
Danube (iii) AL 33
Danube (iii)
AL 33
Fidji (ii) AL 74
Fidji (ii)
AL 74
Ivraie (i) AL 24
Ivraie (i)
AL 24
Coriandre (ii) AL 35
Coriandre (ii)
AL 35
Fuchsia (iii) AL 37
Fuchsia (iii)
AL 37
Fusain (ii) AL 64
Fusain (ii)
AL 64
Caraibes (ii) AL 06
Caraibes (ii)
AL 06
Galapagos (iii) AL 32
Galapagos (iii)
AL 32
Buis (iii) AL 31
Buis (iii)
AL 31
Tuile (ii) AL 16
Tuile (ii)
AL 16
Quetsche (iv) AL 30
Quetsche (iv)
AL 30

One tile makes a sheet which gives an overall effect on the wall
Colour Lotus Fully Tiles Pool B.O.P.
Colour Lotus, Fully Tiled Pool, Bay Of Plenty

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