Emaux de Briare For more than 150 years, the french tile makers,
Emaux de Briare has been synonymous of sparkling colours
and with top of the range decor.

Mazurka Range

Mazurka has a matt surface in a wide range of colours. These tiles have been designed for high traffic areas as borders or in decorative patterns. Interior or exterior floor and walls public and private Heavy Duty Areas.

Available at 25mm x 25mm. Matt size 345mm square back mounted on fibreglass matt. Carton = 9 matts 1.08sm.

Craie (i) AL 01
Craie (i)
AL 01
Cendre (i) AL 04
Cendre (i)
AL 04
Albrate (i) AL 03
Albrate (i)
AL 03
Glacier (ii) AL 39
Glacier (ii)
AL 39
Bentonite (i) AL 38
Bentonite (i)
AL 38
Chaux (i) AL 03
Chaux (i)
AL 03
Opaline (i) AL 17
Opaline (i)
AL 07
Emeraude (ii) AL 41
Emeraude (ii)
AL 41
Sodalite (ii) AL 40
Sodalite (ii)
AL 40
Soufre (ii) AL 10
Soufre (ii)
AL 10
Mastic (i) AL 20
Mastic (i)
AL 20
Neve (ii) AL 42
Neve (ii)
AL 42
Aventurine (ii) AL 09
Aventurine (ii)
AL 09
Lazuli (ii) AL 18
Lazuli (ii)
AL 18
Pepite (iii) AL 22
Pepite (iii)
AL 22
Porphyre (iii) AL 35
Porphyre (iii)
AL 35
Amethyste (ii) AL 27
Amethyste (ii)
AL 27
Malachite (ii) AL 24
Malachite (ii)
AL 24
Resine (iii) AL 31
Resine (iii)
AL 31
Attol (ii) AL 25
Attol (ii)
AL 25
Minium (iii) AL 37
Minium (iii)
AL 37
Fabulite (ii) AL 16
Fabulite (ii)
AL 16
Lave (ii) AL 36
Lave (ii)
AL 36
Tourbe (ii) AL 11
Tourbe (ii)
AL 11
Marine (iii) AL 33
Marine (iii)
AL 33
Cobalt (iii) AL 34
Cobalt (iii)
AL 34
Rubis (iii) AL 23
Rubis (iii)
AL 23
Pyrite (iii) AL 30
Pyrite (iii)
AL 30


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